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Easily lock emojis to certain roles using EmojiRole!

EmojiRole allows you to restrict emojis to certain roles. This can be useful for booster perks, staff-only emotes, and more!

All Commands

Command Name Command Description
/help Get a list of all commands
/invite Invite the bot to your server
/support Get support for the bot
-- --
/list (emoji) List all the roles for an emoji
/lockemoji (emoji) (roles) Add a role to an emoji
/unlockemoji (emoji) (roles) Remove a role from an emoji
/unlockall Remove all emojis from all roles


Before asking for help in our support server, try the following:

  • Try kicking the bot and re-inviting it
  • Make sure it has the following permissions:
    • image.png
    • Please note that you can't lock base emojis (Discord built-in - e.g. 👍 or 😄) to roles. This is not something we can change, as it is a Discord limitation.

If the bot is offline, join the support server and look at the #status channel to check if the bot is down for everyone.